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Have any healthcare device accessible via a smartphone!!
Ask us how?

We live in a world where data is kept in silos. Healthcare devices are no exception. With affordable prices and availability of smart phones, we can no-longer stay that way. Technosoft has developed hardware and software solutions to make any of your healthcare device’s data available via a smartphone and on to a secure cloud.

Wearables Devices Integration

Do you need to securely integrate wearable devices within your Healthcare Solution?

With the explosive growth of wearable devices, healthcare systems can now accurately capture patient healthcare data in a timely manner.


Seeking to move your Healthcare Software to Smartphones?

We can take over an already written application or write one from scratch and continue to provide support after it goes into production.


Are you satisfied with your existing Offshore Vendor?

Are you facing Lower Quality, Delivery Delays, Performance Issues, Lack of Healthcare IT expertise? We Can Help...

Do you need specialized Healthcare Services?

And don’t have in-house expertise for HL7 Integration, FHIR, HIPAA, EDI, m-health, Mirth, EMR/EHR, Pen-testing, Load testing, Secure Video chat etc.? We understand healthcare, its complex workflows & regulatory requirements...

Healthcare Software Project Profiles

We have created applications for hospitals, pharmacies, physicians, patients, and manufacturers. Our solutions are used in main hospitals, clinics and medical setups across the USA. Following are recent projects that we have done in past and currently developing for our clients:

Phyzit HealthSlate DE MySecureMeeting HealthFleet HealthSlate Patient App i-Lokun iConsult burnhelp

Do you have an Idea to improve Healthcare?

Need help with execution? or don’t know were to start? Technosoft Solutions can guide you through a seamless process from idea generation to product execution. Our team works diligently to reduce the time it takes to turn ideas into development projects. Intellectual property, patient data and issues are considered.

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